Preparing to sell

We make the process of selling your home straightforward, transparent and affordable.


Choose a solicitor

The legal formalities around selling your property are called ‘conveyancing’ and it’s important to choose your solicitor early in the process. If you need help, we have solicitors we would happily recommend.


Obtain a BER Certificate

A Buildings Energy Rating (BER) certificate is required by law when selling a property, and rates the energy efficiency on a scale of A to G. It provides transparency to potential buyers. A certificate is valid for up to 10 years, but if changes are made to the building that affect its energy rating, a new certificate must be obtained. A BER is carried out by trained BER assessors, registered by Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI).


How to manage viewings

With viewings times that suit your schedule, we will update your property dashboard to notify perspective buyers and your listing on Daft and MyHome.


Receive Offers and Negotiate

You will not need to discuss, take or negotiate any offers.

For any questions regarding the same or how to make an offer kindly refer them to the property dashboard. This is updated in real-time and has everything a buyer requires.


Choosing your Buyer

When we agree to accept a buyer’s offer, the buyer will pay you a deposit as a sign of intent.

This deposit is refundable if they decide to pull out of the sale before the contract signing and the buyer is likely to arrange a structural survey of the property. If the buyer is borrowing to fund the purchase then their lending institution will also arrange their own valuation.


Exchange of Contracts

Once everything is in place, your solicitor will ask you to sign unconditional contracts.

This creates a binding agreement between you and the purchaser to complete the sale.

This is first signed by the buyer and then sent back to your solicitor for counter-signing by you. The buyer then pays the balance of the 10% deposit.


Sale Completion

The sale is formally completed when all the legal documents between buyer and seller have been signed and full ownership has been legally transferred to the buyer.

A suitable completion date will be agreed and arranged by your solicitor and the buyers solicitor.

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